Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy city of india----- Ujjain

Hi Friend
Are you interested to visit holi city Ujjain. This city is locket right bank of river shipra. This is a place of worship of hindus. Ujjain is a city of grat sanskrit poet kalidasa. This city is also one of the important Jyotirlingas. Name is Mahakaleshwar. Main temple is five story made by Rajput style. Very early morning arti is called Bhasm Arti. Ujjain is place of worship of lord Shiva.
Place for worship in ujjain is following --
1- Mahakaleshwar temple
2- Gopal Mandir
3- Harsiddhi Mandir
4- Vaishnav Mandir
5- Mangalnath Mandir
6-Chamunda Mata Mandir
7- Kal Bhairava Mandir
8-Chintaman Ganesh
9- Sandapni Ashram
10- Siddhavat Place
And so many more
How to reach Ujjain--
By Road : Nanakheda & Dewas Gate is bus stand of ujjain. Buses avilable from Indore, Bhopal, udaipur, Jaipur and other city of india.
By Train : Regular train is avilable from Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and other major indian city.
By airlines : Nearest airport of ujjain is Indore. Daily flight from delhi, mumbai, kolkata & Ahmedabad is avilable.
Hotels in ujjain : many budjet & luxury hotel provide accomodation in ujjain.Daily rent is approximately rs. 250 to rs. 3000.
Are you like to come for worship & tours? tell me please
Happy journey to ujjain.


  1. पहले तो मै आपका तहे दिल से शुक्रियादा करना चाहती हू कि आपको मेरी शायरी पसन्द आयी !
    आपने बहुत ही खुबसूरत रूप से विस्तार किया है !

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