Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goa : every person like to visit this place

Goa is a famous state of India. Capital is panaji.
This is place of nature & Sea cost.
You can easily enjoy your vacation in goa.
Place for visit in goa --
1- Beaches of sea
2- Temple & church
3- Natural beauty
4- Dudhsagar Waterfall
5- Ponda temple
6- Margoan ( A commercial capital of goa)
And so many more place for visit.
How to reach goa :
By bus :
goa is well connected by maharastra & Karnataka . Daily bus service is available from this two state. You can travel in goa by bus or rental car.
By boat:
Boat service is available from mumbai & Panaji.
By train :
Konkan railway service is available from delhi, mumbai and Bangalore to reach goa easily.
By airlines :
Indian airlines have direct flights from delhi and mumbai. Air india also provide service.
Hotels in goa :

Main hotel in goa is club mahandra holiday, goa hotels, Alcon group hotel, Sun & Sand, Faidalgo hotel, jasmin and so many more. Economy hotels can also provied accomodation .
Hi friend like to visit goa? If have any problem mail me please


  1. Very interesting and informative blog.

  2. I had been to Goa loooong back!
    Hope I will be there again.:)

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